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Partition and Cinema

Partition and Cinema . May 8, 2015 at 8:24am I will call her as Miss T because I have to conceal her real identity for purposes of privacy. No, her name does not start with a T, far from it. … Continue reading

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On Bhai Phnota Day.. Some Random Thoughts

When the autumn holidays and the delirious celebrations of the festivals would draw to a close and we would scurry everywhere to collect our school exercise books, pens, maps, atlases and the books and notebooks, bhai phnota would be our only … Continue reading

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Niladrimama, Ishan Scholar

I first knew of the term Ishan Scholar because Niladrimama was one. An Ishan scholar is one who tops the University by topping in every paper. This is a title reserved for graduates of Mathematics from Calcutta University. Niladrimama was … Continue reading

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