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Theory of Art, A Reply to Charles Broys

Anita Vasudev posts a link on my wall on an article from e-flux by Mr Charles Broys which talks of this compulsive need for modern art to theorize itself. After a rather longish attendance of art as religion and then … Continue reading

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Kamla Does A Slut Walk

I don’t have much to do with sluts as I don’t have to do much with shaving cream. I am not a man and I have no use for either. I also don’t quite buy the argument that sluts are … Continue reading

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My Many Eids

I have been upon this earth and in a secular, plural and multicultural India now for half a century. I have known many Eids. Eid, is usually a national holiday for one to relax, have a nice breakfast, kachuri and … Continue reading

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My 50 Years

In the year 1960, when Mughal-e-Azam released in India and the Challenger depth was explored off the US coast as the deepest point that man has been able to dive till then, on the day of the Autumn equinox, I … Continue reading

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Nirmohi Akhra – Ramlala Virajaman

Archaeologists are divided over the issue of whether a Ram Temple at all existed under the dome of the Babri Masjid and the Muslim theologicians are divided over whether the Babri is a legitimate mosque at all because in Islam … Continue reading

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Facebook – For Sarvani

This note is for my friends Sarvani Gooptu and Morihiro Ogasahara, both of whom I met through Rakesh Batabyal, also on my friend’s list in the facebook. Rakesh is a maverick adacemicians who believes that good minds must mingle as … Continue reading

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Female Genocide

Samar Harlankar writes in the edit page of Hindustan Times, 27th January 2011 that girls are getting killed off in India as the country progresses economically and materially. Natural theory has it that the female in every species has higher … Continue reading

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I Don’t Need Anna Hazare

I Don’t Need Anna Hazare. by Susmita Dasgupta on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 10:51am · . I don’t need Anna Hazare. I never needed him. I never felt the need to blackmail anyone even if it is the Government. … Continue reading

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Oath of Bhanurekha, d/o Pushpavalli

Bhanurekha, alias Rekha, born on the 10th of October, 1954, the daughter of the Telugu actress Pushpavalli took her oath as a Parliament elder on the 15th of May 2012. Nominated to the House of elders on grounds of excellence … Continue reading

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Formula Won

We are just recovering from the headiest yet audio visual event ever on Indian soil, the Forumula One Car Racing. It is said that the spectators in Europe and America and later in Singapore had tired themselves of this tournament … Continue reading

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