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Abdul Kalam – A Joyous Death

My school friend, Debjani told me this hilarious story about her grandfather, a reporter with the Stateman who claimed that Gandhiji knew him. How come Dadu, my friend would ask to which the grandfather replied that once he nearly bumped … Continue reading

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Autumn Without Mashi

My mother has an older and a younger sister of her own and yet she was the only one who I called Mashi; no proper noun as a prefix which I usually have for my mother’s friends. Just Mashi. Plain … Continue reading

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Chronicles of a Life In Death Remembered

On the 20th April 2014, Sunday, at 11.30 pm my Jyathamoshai, known to all as Montu and to us as Jethu passed away in Chennai. Ma and I had just rushed in the last ten minutes of his being alive … Continue reading

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PRDG At Shantiniketan

My father, who had never had to build his own house, having inherited a largish mansion from his father, my grandfather, decided that he indeed needed to have his own space and built a tiny but a picturesque cottage off … Continue reading

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The Life Trajectory of Krishna Dasgupta a.k.a Suchitra Sen

I did not know till I heard it on television on the reminiscences of her biographer that Roma Dasgupta was enrolled as Krishna Dasgupta in school. I also had no idea that during her wedding ceremony, Roma refused to wear … Continue reading

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