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List of Publications

PUBLICATIONS IN BOOKS AND JOURNALS   BOOKS: Amitabh – The Making Of A Superstar. Penguin. Delhi.2006   PUBLICATIONS IN BOOKS: “ “Anthony Gonsalves” in Non-Fiction Writings.  Penguin. Delhi. 2008 “Sociology of Stars in Hindi Cinema” in Sociology of Globalization. Ed … Continue reading

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I Want To Be Mamata Banerjee

When I was in my 20’s I wanted to be Amitabh Bachchan, meaning that I would mould myself to ingrain and internalize his persona. Now in my 50’s, I want to be Mamata Banerjee. I want to think like her, … Continue reading

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34 Years of Left Rule – Sociology of a Bengali

The media says that the imminent change in government in West Bengal after an unbroken, unshaken, unchallenged rule of the Left Front for thirty four years will be a historical wonderment. To my mind, however, the wonder lies more in … Continue reading

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What Is Political Cinema

On Sunday the 26th April 2009, we discussed what is a political film? Is there something called a political film? If so, then what kind of film it is, does it have a specific kind of topic or does it … Continue reading

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Ravan Badh – E.K.I

I was not around in the times of the Ramayana when Ravana was killed. It was a great killing, I read. On the side of Kishkindhya, Ayodhya, Panchavati there were ecstatic celebrations, on the side of Lanka there was mourning … Continue reading

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The Strike .. of Air India

Many moons ago, when our sweet little dupleix in Dover Lane was enlarged into a three storey house to make space for a tenant, our first tenant was an Indian Airline pilot. Similarly, many modern condominiums in our locality were … Continue reading

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