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Bengal’s Vegetarianism

It seems from a piece published in the literary supplement of Ananda Bazar Patrika on the 3rd of October 2021 by Debashis Bhowmick that Bengal has traditionally and historically been a land of vegetarian food and it was not before … Continue reading

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Snehalata’s Suicide

On the 30th January 1914, Snehalata, a yet to be married teenager doused herself in kerosene and set her own body afire. According to the eyewitnesses who tried to rescue her, Snehalata had committed suicide. She pleaded her kin not … Continue reading

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ebaar Uma ele….

Purna Chowdhury’s status on Mahalaya day, ‘ebaar Uma ele” makes me think why Bengalis invariably organize the Durga Puja? One has to be a Bengali by birth to be able to organize this enormous event called the Durga Puja. It … Continue reading

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