Fascism Talks 1 : Long Calls With K

K called up; I was busy and so I sent him a message saying that I will call later when free. He sent a bit of an apologetic message saying that he just wanted to continue the discussions of some issues on which our arguments were going on. His and my arguments will never end, for he intends to put forth a position to destroy mine, and I do the same too. No one has ever won an argument, so goes the adage.

K is better off than me, he is born into a business family, manufacturing something, I think so. Rare because Bengalis are more like me born to salaried fellows, government employees till a couple of generations back and corporate employees in my father’s. With the rates of interests on deposits in banks constantly running down and brains which have no time to study speculative financial markets after devoting to constantly acquiring professional acumen, we are being pushed steadily towards the nadir of our economic class. In this way, K and I are the same, I mean in being pushed down. For some reason his family was pushed out of manufacturing totally and now he seems to have taken a refuge in Bangalore. I suspect that he does not do much except to write in churlish English with long winded sentences telling us less and confusing meanings more, perhaps an angst that the world has failed him. He is educated in England, I think for he knows a lot about the inside ways of the English sophisticated classes and has some Members of Parliament among his family friends. My contacts have gone down like no one’s business, I barely find six people for registering a society.

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