May Mother’s Day

The second Sunday of the month of May is the Mother’s Day. I have not much idea of this day actually, never heard of this in my childhood. It seems that Archies, the company that designs greeting cards and guilty of raising the Valentine’s Day and Friendship Day to levels of cults have also devised variously the Mother’s Day, Father’s day and so on. On this day of this year, a very well meaning woman friend of mine, married with two elegant grown up daughters wished Madhusree and me a Happy Mother’s Day. We were three very much together when we were students and just entering the job market. In those days, Madhusree and I decided to enjoy life to the hilt by not falling into traps and contraptions where the male dominate; marriage was one such trap and we decided to avoid it. She, on the other hand was eager to be married only because she wanted children. Madhusree and I loved animals, the more haggard they were, the more unloved they were the better we loved them. We soon became stray animal rescuers and poured our maternal feelings into the zone of the uncared for animals. She married after torrid affairs and break ups, a rather nice guy wholly amenable to her domination. They migrated to Australia and had two lovely daughters. The man, some years younger to her never desired to be the ruler of her life and instead retired nicely as the second fiddle spending a lot of time raising the children. She was the one with a career in the government, a doctorate and the breadwinning family income.


to be continued..

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