Middle Class Warfare – Ma Exchange

Sony TV’s Ma Exchange programme aired every Wednesday and Thursday between 9 and 10 pm is about swapping mothers. The mothers are chosen carefully because while both families are middle class, yet one family, in terms of income, career and performance is ahead of the other. Care is taken to maintain the difference to a minimum but it is made sufficiently visible. There are some interesting points that arise out of the above differences.

  1. The upper class is hygiene conscious, homes are organized. There is system and order in the arrangement of these homes.
  2. Aesthetic is placed at a premium, colours are coordinated, furniture is organized with an eye towards space; space on the whole is more organized.
  3. The upper class family is routine conscious which makes it more focused in its everyday activities. These families seem often to have distinct goals that they achieve.
  4. The upper class family shows loyalty towards its mother, the lower class families are more concerned about the self.
  5. The lack of routine and order in a lower class home shows that they are somehow living life without a proper goal. The lower class lives life moment to moment without being aware of an overall goal or purpose of life. They have no idea of how an ideal life should look like.
  6. The children are low performers, less focused, less disciplined in lower class homes. Children here have very little idea of what they want to do in life. While they have aspirations they do not have any plan how they can achieve the same.
  7. Parents in lower class homes want children to enjoy life and teach them to become consumers rather than performers. The premium on consumption especially on fast food in lower class homes show an anxiety of not being able to afford things in the market. Upper class homes are less of gluttons because they are more assured of such goodies.
  8. Both parents and children in upper class homes are better informed than in the lower class homes.
  9. Parents in lower class homes feel threatened by upper class mothers and they shout and scream and assert that they are superior.

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