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Clean Steel Through The Induction Furnace

The induction furnace is a contraption for melting steel scrap or directly reduced iron, or a combination of both through the use of electricity in order to produce steel ingots of sizes smaller than those produced in the Blast Furnace. … Continue reading

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Nafisa Khatun’s Great Escape

Sociology of missing persons Continue reading

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Fire in The Cinema Hall

I live in Dover Lane whenever I am in Kolkata because that’s where my house is. Priya Cinema, therefore is part of my territory in the city. Convenient to just walk down, the theatre has been a part of my … Continue reading

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I have not watched the film Sanju. Yasser Usman has already written about Sanjay Dutt, I am yet to read it. I have not followed Sanjay Dutt really though I wish I could. I know some of his fans and … Continue reading

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Plastic is the New Age Pottery

Come the World Environment Day and there are talks of banning the plastics. Arre Baba, if the plastics were to be banned then why did they grow to such usage in the first place? Obviously plastics lie at the very … Continue reading

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May Mother’s Day

The second Sunday of the month of May is the Mother’s Day. I have not much idea of this day actually, never heard of this in my childhood. It seems that Archies, the company that designs greeting cards and guilty … Continue reading

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Egyptology – Travels In The Desert Land

14th March, 2018, Morning   Travelling to Egypt   When our plane flew over the Arabian Desert I saw that the sands over North Yemen was silver. As we flew beyond the Persian Gulf the sands of Arabia appeared Sandy … Continue reading

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